Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) Collaborates with Jabil to Modernize Utility Grids by Scaling Volume Manufacturing of Innovative Meta-Alert Grid Monitoring

LOS ANGELES – June 20, 2023 – Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Ltd. is collaborating with manufacturing solutions provider Jabil Inc. to ramp production of critical sensors, hardware and other core components of EGM’s game-changing Meta-Alert™ grid monitoring solutions. EGM sensors measure dozens of electrical, physical and environmental parameters across power transmission and distribution networks to improve utility-grid performance, reliability, safety and efficiency.

“EGM is extremely pleased to team with Jabil in modernizing and optimizing operations of overhead and underground utility grids using our smart-grid solutions,” said Amir Cohen, CEO and founder of EGM. “As our external manufacturing arm, Jabil is instrumental in producing thousands of intelligent powerline sensors each year while scaling volumes as needed. We look forward to adding another production line in the U.S. in the future to increase manufacturing capacity and better serve North American customers.”

Leadership Role in Utility-Grid Modernization

Rapid integration of renewable energy and other distributed energy resources (DERs) is causing an exponential surge in demand for smart-grid solutions that offer greater visibility across both primary and secondary circuit levels. EGM is uniquely positioned to help utility operators increase usage of distributed renewable energies, proactively avoid possible power outages, and effectively integrate Electric Vehicle (EV) charging requirements into their operations.

“We are proud to help EGM bring their industry-leading innovations to market, backed by Jabil’s proven expertise in power engineering, supply chain management and world-class manufacturing,” said Tzipi Landesman, director of business development, Jabil. “We support EGM across the entire product-development value chain while adhering to rigorous quality requirements, which enables their growing global customer base to quickly and effectively improve grid operations.”

To expedite and streamline product industrialization, Jabil produced and deployed special monitoring and testing machinery designed by EGM to detect malfunctions at the earliest stages of manufacturing. Together, EGM and Jabil also established stringent testing standards to ensure highly reliable system performance of ruggedized components for maximum uptime in harsh, demanding environments.

In 2022, EGM deployed its Meta-Alert solution suite in a pilot involving the collection of more than 70 data points on a transmission line in the Middle East. Additionally, EGM, along with the Israeli Electric Corporation, was one of only two industry partners selected to participate in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Advanced Distribution Management System test bed.