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EGM’s Meta-Alert system provides a whole grid probing system, from its power source (generation, storage) through transmission lines and down to the medium voltage distribution infrastructure. The system, chosen by leading power utilities in Europe and the U.S., processes the collected big data and produces usable insight, which enables optimal grid management and operation, to address issues such as DER integration, grid proactive and reactive maintenance, sophisticated energy trade programs and EV infrastructure.

  • Save energy per KW/h sold

    By managing electrical flow in order to balance between parallel lines
  • Alternative energy incorporation

    Alert for A-synchronous sources and enable balancing between demands and instable alternative sources
  • Maximize infrastructure utilization

    Due to real-time monitoring, analysis and responding to grid situation, the grid can work at the operational envelope limits such as max current, temp etc.

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Costs are reduced due to moving to proactive maintenance methods.
  • Reduce number and duration of outages

    Based on prediction capability and immediate focused response to repair any fault in the grid
  • Improve quality of service

    Reducing number and duration of outages as well as maintaining stability of current and voltage supplied.