Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) provides real-time, accurate data with innovative Transmission & Distribution (T&D) grid management solutions, optimizing real-time, accurate data that include sensing, communication and analytics. The EGM monitoring solution, the Meta-Alert™ System delivers useful information to manage both overhead and underground utility grids.

EGM's Accurate Fault Location Detection™ is a game changer for the industry

Previous technology offered only fault detection to reduce patrolling. EGM is focused on fault location which essentially eliminates patrolling (including within the underground network) and improves automated switching processes such as FLISR.

We Produce a Wide Set of Useful Applications.

  • Accurate Fault Location Detection™ (AFLD™)
  • Technical DER operation and management
  • Fast Grid Recovery Enabler
  • Momentary faults and Foreign objects tracking
  • Grid topology tracker (GTT)
  • Dynamic line rating (DLR)
  • Dynamic short circuit calculation (DSCC)
  • Line sags and clearance
  • Conductive Swings, Vibration and Galloping Detection
  • Ice accumulation detection

How do we do it?

EGM sensors measure dozens of electrical, physical, and environmental parameters from across the T&D network, in real-time with industry-leading precision, and analyze this time-synchronized data continuously looking for fault locations, voltage irregularities, pre-failure signatures, theft, and dangerous situations across the grid. Precise, time-synchronized data, including voltage measurements, are essential for advanced grid applications.

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