Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) Inc.

EGM, Inc. is a solutions provider for all grid challenges. We are the leading technology company with innovative Transmission and Distribution (T&D) grid monitoring product solutions that include: sensing, communication, and analytics. We also offer Substation and Special Applications solutions for challenges ranging from wildfires to microgrids.

The EGM monitoring system, the Meta-Alert™ System Solution delivers useful information to manage both overhead and underground utility grids. EGM, Inc. is headquartered in Los, Angeles, California U.S.A.

Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) utility solutions for transmission & distribution networks

What We Do

Electrical Grid Monitoring, Inc. (EGM) is a technology company committed to making the world’s biggest machine better. By adding telemetry to the existing T&D Grid in a non-descriptive way, we give the utility accurate and timely information to optimize the operation of the entire Grid. We collect, securely transmit, and analyze the data in real-time giving the utility insights into the true operational state of the Grid, while helping to achieve: Reliability & Safety, Operational Efficiency, Renewables Integration, Cost Reduction, and Customer Satisfaction.

We are thankful for utilities across our great nation and we understand, better than most, the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of who keeps the Grid working 24/7.

To you and your Team, from all of us at EGM--Happy Thanksgiving!


We provide the Meta-Alert™ System for grid operators to Keep Eyes On The Grid™ in today’s changing transmission and distribution environment. Usable grid insight information is measured, reported and documented. Analytics ensure current and future irregularities can be corrected before a problem arises to ensure safety, reliability, cost control and customer satisfaction.