Greater visibility for accurate load management: How real-time monitoring improves grid resiliency

Dr. Alex Levran, CEO of EGM Inc., the United States office of EGM, interviewed with UtilityDive, here’s a snapshot from the interview: “Real-time monitoring informs the level of capital investment needed because utilities will have a  more accurate understanding of their grid’s full capacity. Monitoring and analysis of expanded parameters also provide greater visibility into […]

Meta-Alert Sensors Presented at CIGRE Australia

EGM’s agents in Australia, Flexity Pty Ltd., presented EGM’s Meta-Alert sensors at the CIGRE Australia Cairns International Symposium, held last week on 4-7 September 2023. Flexity team presented the ability of the system to locate downed conductors on coil compensated lines. Australia has some bushfire prone locations in which EGM’s Meta-Alert System can be implemented […]

EGM Presents at the Japan Israel Innovation Collaboration Tel Aviv

September 6th, 2023, Tel-Aviv, EGM presented at the Japan Israel Innovation Collaboration event. EGM team, led by CEO Amir Cohen, presented the Meta-Alert system and its capabilities in accurate fault location detection, and its far reaching implications in terms of financial savings and economic benefits to utilities and end users alike.

The Hidden Threat to Power Quality on the Electric Grid

The electrification of transport and industry will see the electric grid becoming a single point of failure across the economy so that disruption to power quality will have wider ripple effects than before. And as distribution grids intersect with millions of new appliances from EV chargers to heat pumps, this will drive an exponential increase […]

Smart Grids Predictively Against Climate Damages

The increase in electrification of services such as fast charging of electric cars and distributed renewable generation centers, puts a strain on the strength and efficiency of the networks themselves. This is compounded by the often unpredictable effects of extreme weather events, increasing in areas previously considered not at risk due to the effects of […]

The Hidden Threat to Power Quality on the Electric Grid

By Amir Cohen, CEO of EGM It has been widely reported that unregulated electric vehicle (EV) charging could overtax or destabilise power grids yet there has been less discussion of the potentially disruptive impact on power quality. While electrification of transport will deliver many environmental benefits, we must consider and manage the full impact of […]

EGM collaborates with Jabil to Modernize Utility Grids by Scaling Volume Manufacturing of Innovative Meta-Alert™ Grid Monitoring

Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) Collaborates with Jabil to Modernize Utility Grids by Scaling Volume Manufacturing of Innovative Meta-Alert™ Grid Monitoring LOS ANGELES – June 20, 2023 – Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Ltd. is collaborating with manufacturing solutions provider Jabil Inc. to ramp production of critical sensors, hardware and other core components of EGM’s game-changing Meta-Alert™ […]

Making Better Use of The Grid: Modern Power Systems Magazine Features EGM’s CEO

Amir Cohen, founder & CEO of EGM (Electrical Grid Monitoring, Inc), argues that ‘multi-sensing’ technologies deployed on the current grid, accurately analysing many parameters in real time, could greatly increase grid capacity and improve performance, reducing the need for spending on new infrastructure. Modern Power Magazine publishes an Article by Amir Cohen, CEO, see full […]

EGM and Israel Electric Company sign a Strategic Cooperation and Investment Agreement

IEC will invest $1 million in monitoring and analytics of the grid. An agreement for a strategic cooperation and investment was signed between IEC and EGM Ltd. for grid monitoring through sensors.IEC will invest $1 million as part of a $17 million raising round, to unable the development and deployment of EGM’s system to monitor […]