EGM - Eyes on the grid

Today’s utilities are challenged by aging infrastructure, unpredictable renewable generation, and increased power outages. Using intelligent powerline sensors with powerful real-time analytics engine, EGM provides power utilities with unique insights about the operational state of their network and assets. The insights enable immediate reduced frequency and duration of power outages, the effective integration of renewable energy resources, and reduces escalating operational costs.


EGM’s Meta-Alert™ nerves-like, analytical probing systems enable effective power grid modernization. The system converts legacy static grids into a digitized, integrated, dynamic and adaptive network. EGM’s systems address top-of-mind issues such as better usage of distributed renewable energies, proactive maintenance to avoid possible power outages and effective integration of Electric Vehicles charging system. Learn More


The EGM team is composed of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields, including, management, entrepreneurship, project management and marketing. The technological staff has acquired long-term expertise in the various technologies.


AMIR COHEN Founder and CEO EGM Ltd.

Amir Cohen

Founder and CEO EGM ltd.
Shelley Gross - CFO

Shelley Gross

Chief Financial Officer

Isaac Eliaz

Isaac Eliaz

Euro- Asia Sales Director

Kobi Yahav

Senior Solution Director
Erez Ganchi - EGM COO

Erez Ganchi

Chief Operating Officer
Rafi Ouliel VP R&D

Rafi Ouliel



Dr. Alex Levran, CEO of EGM Inc.

Dr. Alex Levran

John-Eason - Director of marketing

John Eason

Vice President of Product and Market Development
James Baehr, EGM Director of Sales

James Baehr

Director of Sales, EGM Inc.