Meta-Alert™ System

Meta-Alert system is a holistic concept that provides accurate, high-resolution full grid visualization, including predictive fault alert.
Meta-Alert is a self-learning system, aim to enable better grid management, including: energy saving, energy flow management, proactive maintenance, load balancing, better incorporation renewal energies into the grid and more.

EGM’s Technology Architecture ‒ Can Serve All Parts Of The Grid

EGM’s Technology Architecture

Meta-Alert™ system consists of the following main components:

Multi Sensing Unit (MSU)

MSU’s consists of multiple sensors that precisely measure a wide variety of electrical and other parameters (e.g. current discrepancy, frequency) – all, encapsulated in weatherproof case, installed on the electricity lines.

Meta-Alert™ Communication System (MACS)

A communication system that transfers the data collected in the MSU’s to the Meta-Alert Management System (MAMS) and enable MAMS to communicate with MSU’s. The system includes the Communication Adaptor Units (CAU) and communication means.

Meta-Alert™ Management System (MAMS)

The management system includes a processing unit (a server) which collects the data from the MSU’s, processes it and creates all the system outputs required to optimally, and proactively manage the electricity grid.
The MAMS include a comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) showing the data in tree views, tables and geographic maps.

Meta-Alert™ system can be implemented in variety configurations, in order to meet different customer needs:

  • Above and underground grid
  • Distribution and Transmission, low voltage to over then 800KV
  • Wide range of currents
  • Variety of cable diameters and layout

Meta-Alert™ system provide wide set of alerts, alarms, predictions, information, data, and reports. among them: