A Changing World

We rely on electricity for almost every aspect of our lives, from operating our home utilities to the continuous functioning of strategic facilities in the national level such as hospitals. Electricity is the source, the basic and fundamental generator without which human life as we know it cannot sustain.

The sources of electricity change through time and the advancement of technology.

The past decade we are witnessing a growing reliance on renewable energies, which means that electricity is manufactured not as a result of coal burning but by utilizing environmental resources such as wind or the sunlight.

In addition, technological innovations opened new opportunities for private individuals to produce their own renewable energy based electricity, thereby moving from general generation of electricity to distributed generation.

Marring these two trends together and you get a dynamic electricity grid in which distributed energy resources can supply electricity to consumers upon demand.

The Inherent Challenge of Renewable Energies

Alongside the many advantages of using renewable energy resources, its inherent lack of predictability posed a challenge in the way to maximizing its potential. Even with the best and most accurate weather forecasts presented to date, the still is a gap between identifying in real time available sources of supply and connecting them to the points of demand.

This is where the EGM’s Meta-AlertTM system comes into play, as a key building block of distributed energy resources management system.

The Solution: Meta-AlertTM System

By harness cutting edge Internet of Things (IOT) design and advanced Big-Data analytics, The Meta-AlertTM system provides accurate, high-resolution full grid visualization, including predictive fault alert. The system generates the insights as to which source of supply is most efficient to connect to which consumer, as well as providing the ability to make that connection.

In addition to maximizing the potential of distributed energy resources management, it also enables reducing the cost of ownership as it can spot in real time what parts of the grid are exposed to extreme weather conditions and circumventing those parts.

The system can cover a space as large as an entire province and potentially even bigger than that. It is a ground breaking technology that overcomes the key deficiency of renewable energy thereby making it not only a clean and more environment friendly source of energy but also a most reliable one.