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The modern Distribution and transmission grid is no longer a “one-way electricity simple channel”, BUT a smart medium that interconnects numerous power generation i.e. traditional, solar, wind, storage, customers and prosumers (both producers and consumers).
This situation creates unprecedented strains on the distribution and transmission Grid.
Measuring parameters at a few selected distribution and transmission points and at the substations, is not enough.
In order to exploit maximum potential costs reduction and higher benefits, it is crucial to monitor and analyze every aspect of the grid in high resolution, to produce useful information for better electricity flow management, prediction of malfunctions, reduction of operational costs, reduction in number and duration of outages, and to increase the quality and reliability of the supplied electricity
This is what EGM’s Meta-Alert does, as a cost-effective high performance grid management enabler system.

  • Save energy per KW/h sold

    By managing electrical flow in order to balance between parallel lines
  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Costs are reduced due to moving to proactive maintenance methods.
  • Maximize infrastructure utilization

    Due to real-time monitoring, analysis and responding to grid situation, the grid can work at the operational envelope limits such as max current, temp etc.
  • Alternative energy incorporation

    Alert for A-synchronous sources and enable balancing between demands and instable alternative sources
  • Reduce number and duration of outages

    Based on prediction capability and immediate focused response to repair any fault in the grid
  • Improve quality of service

    Reducing number and duration of outages as well as maintaining stability of current and voltage supplied.
Typical ROI, due to costs reduction and
Typical ROI, due to costs reduction and efficient infrastructure utilization is 2.5 years. For example:
Meta-Alert system enables reduction of electricity loses in the grid by 20% to 40%.
Meta-Alert system creates significant expenses saving by moving from breakage or preventive maintenance to proactive maintenance.
  • Leakage
  • Current cutoff
  • Short circuit to ground / between cables
  • Current overload/under-load
  • Current frequency deviation
  • Unbalanced current phases
  • Contamination over power line (e.g. insulator)
  • Cable disconnect
  • Electricity and cable theft warning
No. The system can work in any combination of current and AC voltage. There are different sensors for diverse current or voltage levels, enable to deal with variety of grid characteristics. 
Yes. As a self-learning system, Meta-Alert immediately identifies any irregularities, including unexpected and unusual current consumption. Theft is characterized by either direct connection to the distribution line or bypassing meters.

  • In case of direct connection, the system immediately alerts that unrecognized electricity consumption is occurring, and the exact location.
  • In the case of bypassing of meters, the system enables the comparison between consumption and metered current at any line segment, triggering an alert.