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The Califorinia Institute of Technology invites Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM) CEO to present to energy industry experts

LOS ANGELES, California – June 15, 2022 –

Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Inc. ( is pleased to announce that Dr. Alex Levran, EGM CEO is presenting at the CE10 Workshop this week during June 15 and 16, 2022. Caltech is assembling key decision-makers to engage with energy ecosytems experts to discuss a strategic roadmap to cut Global Warming Gas (GWG) emissions in half across the United States (U.S.) over the next 10 years.

“The opportunity to participate as an industry expert,” said Levran, “is most certainly humbling, because we will essentially be modifying the energy consumption diagram into an energy diagram, with a clear, supported vision that can be executed across our great nation.”

According to Levran, the workshop will inspire thought leaders to achieve a 50 percent reduction in GWG emissions in the next decade with policy and successful technological recommendations for a national roadmap educating Americans and communicating public support. Levran is proud to participate in the workshop as a leader of his U.S. company headquartered in Los Angeles, and as an energy industry expert, responsible for product development, go-to-market strategy, and business development for the North American utility marketplace.

“I’ll discuss an aging infrastructure, insufficient grid capacity with the complex emissions problem, noting contributing variables that require an effective multi-prong approach to achieve final targets,” said Levran. “At EGM, we are expanding our Meta-Alert™ system technologies into utility grid modernization efforts throughout the U.S. while supporting all Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, decarbonization activities and the day-to-day challenges facing utilities in a changing transmission and distribution (T&D) environment,” added Levran.

Dr. Alex Levran, CEO of EGM Inc.
Dr. Alex Levran, CEO of EGM Inc.

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