Imagine a world where you drive your electric vehicle on your way to a family lunch at a nice restaurant, get to the place and notice your Electric Vehicle’s battery is running low. You open your mobile phone and with the help of a smartphone application you locate an EV charging station near you, park your car there, connect it, and continue with your plans.

Your car in the meantime is charged with electricity that was generated from the next door neighbor’s solar panel positioned on his rooftop. The charging station itself is connected to a variety of electricity generation sources, some of which can be very far away. With a price optimization system, the charging station will choose at any given moment from which source it will purchase the electricity. Theoretically, the charging station can change a source every minute: once close, once far – all according to the price.

How does it happen? due to reliance on the big data production and analysis by EGM’s Meta-AlertTM system. By using EGM’s Meta-AlertTM System, The utilities can manage the sources and demand, and allow electricity to be received from the sellers – wherever they may be; And to sell electricity to purchasers – wherever they may be. Such capabilities are possible because electricity supply will no longer rely on traditional supply chains.

Instead, the Meta-AlertTM system creates comprehensive high resolution real-time useful information from the grid itself, and demonstrates high capable grid management. It treats the electricity generated as though it all goes into a giant pool, the “electricity pool”. Thus, the system knows at any given time how much “ready-to-use” electricity exists, and can answer supply requests from various sources spread across a wide geographic polygon.

This way the Meta-AlertTM System maximizes the efficiency of electricity usage and reduces electricity costs to the end consumer. Thus, the long-run implications are substantial, and will come into play not only in individual money savings but also in contributing to environmental protection.