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NREL and Shell released this annual summary for Global Game Changer Awards [available here]. We are proud to be part of this selective group of Emerging Clean Technology companies in the Energy space.

LOS ANGELES, California – March 16, 2023– Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Inc. ( announced today its participation in the GCxN program (Shell Game Changer Accelerator™ Powered by NREL), with EGM representing the only early-stage company in the grid sector invited to participate in GCxN 2022 and one of only two industry partners invited to participate in NREL’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).

 “NREL and Shell released their 2022 Year in Review  [available here],” said Dr. Alex Levran, Chief Executive Officer of EGM, “identifying the 19 companies selected to participate in the 2022 GCxN program and summarizing each of their potential to contribute to a dramatic alteration of the future energy landscape.” He added, “We are proud to have been invited to be part of the elite group of emerging clean technology companies in the Energy space and to participate in this first cohort of companies selected for GCxN.”

Dr. Levran noted, “GCxN is a multimillion-dollar, multi-year program focused on discovering and advancing emerging clean technology companies operating in the new energy space, with technology focus areas that span the energy continuum from generation to transmission and distribution.”  He added, “Over the last year, EGM has partnered with utilities globally, allowing us to introduce innovative grid modernization solutions for smart cities in the near future, with accurate fault location detection™ (AFLD™) and other game-changing technologies.”

Based on its EGM Meta-Alert™ system, as a GCxN company, EGM gained access to NREL’s world-class facilities and top-tier researchers from both Shell and NREL, who help incubate, develop, and validate technologies. The EGM monitoring solution improves the reliability of the grid, provides early indications for grid failures, reduces the frequency and duration of power failures, prepares the grid for future integration of large-scale renewable power plants, and provides an addition of storage- as highly anticipated- for the growth of electrical vehicle (EV) chargers and charging stations.

About EGM

Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Inc. is the leading technology company with innovative
Transmission & Distribution (T&D) grid management solutions that include sensing,
communication, and analytics components. Meta-Alert™ the EGM Monitoring System, delivers
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