Smart grid is a grid which includes inherent technological self-ability to monitor real time electricity traffic on the grid, identify and optimize the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity according to trends of demand from end-users.

As the world is moving towards reliance on renewable energy, the need to have in place a digitalized grid is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. However, renewable energy resources such as wind or solar power are predictable only to some extent, and even if predictable, the frequency of changes in those variable sources obligates a dynamic and adaptive grid.

Smart grids started entering the electricity sphere in late 2008, and their number is increasing steadily. A key component of a smart grid is creating useful information, to enable precise management. There is a great amount of data updates to keep up with, analyze and prioritize.

EGM’s Meta-AlertTM System includes sensors that are placed across the grid, providing comprehensive real-time big-data to the central computer; just like our body’s nerve system continuously stream data to our brain. The system then process all that raw big-data into an organized and sensible insight, and enables prioritizing which source will supply which demand by the consumer.

Thus, the Meta-AlertTM System can handle not only the frequent changes in the renewable energy source itself, but also can optimize load balancing, identify grid maintenance requirements and minimize power loss.