Interoperability with EGM’s Meta-Alert™ System to Simplify Integration and Speeds

Deployment for Transmission & Distribution Grid Digitalization

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel — (Feb. 2019): Electrical Grid Monitoring Ltd. (EGM), an
award winner of grid digitalization system, announced today its support for the National
Rural Electric Cooperative Association’ (NRECA) MultiSpeak® Initiative for

EGM’s Meta-Alert™ nerves-like, analytical probing systems enable effective power grid
modernization. The system converts legacy static grids into a digitized, integrated,
dynamic and adaptive network. EGM’s systems address top-of-mind issues such as
better usage of distributed renewable energies, proactive maintenance to avoid possible
power outages and effective integration of Electric Vehicles charging system.

Supporting the MultiSpeak® standard will enable EGM’s Meta-Alert™ to be effortlessly
integrated into coop utilities management systems to enable immediate reduction of the
cost of grid ownership while maximizing its asset utilization.

“We are excited to join the MultiSpeak® community of operations standards,” says Amir
Cohen, CEO of EGM. “Such industry standards are crucial to enable grid modernization
and a dynamic, multi-vendor environment in the fast changing power industry.”

Joining MultiSpeak® provides EGM with easy reach-out and faster adoption by the
US cooperative utilities and over 800 global electric utilities within the MultiSpeak®