Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM)

EGM utilizes powerline sensors to collect and analyze grid data with unmatched accuracy, breadth, and depth. The analytical engine incorporates information directly into the utility control center to ensure that insights are fully actionable by automation systems or work crews.

EGM’s Meta-Alert™ System fully adaptable system provides exact fault location and measure over 60 different parameters of electrical, environmental, and physical aspects and its open architecture enables to address any additional needs as event imaging, CO2 measurement, smoke detection, noise and more.

What We Do

EGM’s Meta-Alert™ nerves-like, analytical probing systems enable effective power grid modernization. The system converts legacy static grids into a digitized, integrated, dynamic and adaptive network. EGM’s systems address top-of-mind issues such as better usage of distributed renewable energies, proactive maintenance to avoid possible power outages and effective integration of Electric Vehicles charging system.


EGM provides all stakeholders – end users, utility companies and regulators – with cutting edge Energy-Economics solutions. Its solution is a key-building block in transforming analog grids into digitized, integrated, dynamic and adaptive systems.

EGM supports T&D utilities in an effort to achieve Grid Excellence at unprecedented cost effectiveness, with an ROI of 1-3 years.

The tremendous economic benefits derived of the five different capabilities in one system:

  • Increasing and accelerating distributed energy resource integration (renewable and others) in the grid. EGM optimizes the planning & operational stages, implementing advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) capabilities;
  • Increasing electricity infrastructure utilization, inter alia by deferring investments, based on Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) (in both existing and new transmission and distribution grids);
  • Improving grid reliability (SAIDI, SAIFI) and power quality;
  • Enhancing grid resiliency and reducing operating and maintenance costs, based on Accurate Fault Location Detection (AFLD) capabilities;
  • Improving energy flow planning methods and procedures based on Digital-Twin capabilities;

EGM’s solution incorporates innovative and pioneering technologies such as AFLD and DLR, capable of interfacing with other tools like ADMS.

The system consists of three main components:

  • Analytics engine – Dozens of algorithms and SW, generate a constant stream of information essential to all users in the utility industry. The analytics are unique as they are based on real-time and accurate field data;
  • Monitoring – State-of-the-art sensors constantly measure dozens of parameters at all voltage levels;
  • Communication – A highly secured and redundant system transfers the measured data to the analytics platform.

The system is suitable for distribution, transmission and microgrids – in both overhead and underground lines.