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Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Offers Cost-Effective Grid Monitoring Solutions for Electric Cooperatives Across the United States

NASHVILLE, Tennessee– March 6, 2023–Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Inc. ( in Booth #1655, announced today at the Tech Advantage Conference & Expo and PowerXchange (formerly called the NRECA Annual Meeting), March 6-8, 2023, the availability of a comprehensive 3rd generation monitoring solution designed for electric cooperatives interested in advancing grid modernization, grid optimization and grid safety where cyber security is a fundamental aspect of the solution.  Designed with cooperatives in mind, EGM’s system is easy to deploy, provides fast measurement benefits, and has the ability to grow with the utility.

According to Dr. Alex Levran, EGM’s Chief Executive Officer, “EGM’s end-to-end solution can bridge the gap as cooperatives continue to modernize their systems to expand beyond their current SCADA capabilities, but are not yet ready to deploy a complete ADMS solution.” He added, “EGM’s solution is designed to augment existing systems like SCADA/ADMS, but can also act as a stand-alone, next generation real-time grid monitoring solution for co-ops.” 

Dr. Levran said, “EGM’s low risk solution is perfect for cooperative utilities that typically do not have an appetite to experiment with unproven technologies.”  In addition, Dr. Levran noted, “Our solution provides a cost-effective option for pilots that can target specific grid optimization applications.  They are designed to grow at the rate required by the co-op, while delivering measurable savings back to its members.  EGM can be a fully comprehensive stand-alone monitoring solution, but it is also built to integrate into any utility’s existing systems.  It is a highly cost-competitive monitoring system with a short return on investment (ROI).”

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Electrical Grid Monitoring™ (EGM) Inc. is the leading technology company with innovative
Transmission & Distribution (T&D) grid management solutions that include sensing,
communication, and analytics components. Meta-Alert™ the EGM Monitoring System, delivers
useful information to manage both overhead and underground utility grids. EGM Inc. is
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