As announced in this Press Release earlier today, EGM has successfully completed the extensive study that included modeling, simulation and benefits analysis after participating in the GCxN (Shell Game Changer Accelerator™ Powered by NREL), program. EGM participated in the first cohort of companies selected for GCxN and was acknowledged as global trailblazer in the utility power industry.

“As part of this program,” said Amir Cohen, Founder and CEO, EGM Ltd, “all parties agreed to conduct extensive studies and EGM went through a strenuous drill with our EGM Meta-Alert™ system for rapid identification and isolation of faults in electrical networks.

“We are very pleased to confirm a detailed, third-party report and share all the benefits of our Meta-Alert hardware and software solution detailed in the report with utility customers looking for an innovative future grid modernization system,” added Cohen.

According to Cohen, the EGM Meta-Alert developed system was thoroughly evaluated using a realistic distribution feeder (EPRI J1 test feeder) circuit with a high penetration of PV systems. Multiple types of faults (short circuit, open phase, single phase, multi-phase) were generated and the response of the EGM system compared to the traditional protection schemes was studied and researched thoroughly.

“The collaboration of everyone working together was amazing,” said Eyal Miron, Vice President for Research & Development, EGM Ltd.  “We are not only pleased, we are grateful for the level of technical expertise on the team resulting in the study which proved a significant increase in fault detection speed, accuracy of fault detection, reduced down time, reduced energy lost due to faults and improved customer load availability compared to the traditional schemes.”

“We were confident going into this competitive, rigorous process,” said Cohen.”Now we have the credentials to share with the utility industry. EGM has successfully completed the work, graduated from this beneficial program and completed a documented final report with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Shell teams.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity given to us by GCxN (Shell and NREL) as a leading technology for the future grid and we are happy for the confirmation of the unique effectiveness of our Meta-Alert technology and product,” said Dr. Alex Levran, CEO of EGM, Inc., USA. “It also supports our original EGM mission to develop a monitoring system that will become a corner stone for global grid modernization activities.”