What We Do

EGM’s Meta-Alert™ nerves-like, analytical probing systems enable effective power grid modernization. The system converts legacy static grids into a digitized, integrated, dynamic and adaptive network. EGM’s systems address top-of-mind issues such as better usage of distributed renewable energies, proactive maintenance to avoid possible power outages and effective integration of Electric Vehicles charging system.

The Team

The EGM team is composed of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields, including, management, entrepreneurship, project management and marketing. The technological staff has acquired long-term expertise in the various technologies.

Amir Cohen – Co-Founder & CEO
Amir has 35-year experience in general management, development, marketing, sales, taking businesses from concept to product, and founding and managing companies.
Amir established EGM, a developer of grid monitoring and Big-Data analytics system as an enabler solution for smart electricity grid management, and renewable energies incorporation.

Eyal Miron – V.P Research & Development
Eyal specializes in management of large system engineering, SW and HW teams as VP R&D, has vast experience in system engineering for telecom and datacom products, development of radio devices and networks, development of telephony and data applications and products. He developed advanced protocols and algorithms for data and telecom, and HW, embedded SW and high level/Web SW.

Lital Golan – CFO
Lital brings over 10 years of executive experience having served as head of finance of a number of multinational technology companies. She has extensive expertise in strategy, business development, financial management, planning, and reporting at SaaS companies.
Lital is A Certified Public Accountant. Lital holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Recanati business school) and a B.A. in Business Administration & Accounting and from the Hebrew university.
As chief financial officer (CFO), LitaI is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. she also leads all human resources activities.

Avi Geva, QA & QC Manager
Avi is an expert on the development and maintenance of Quality Assurance Management systems, Reliability and Safety Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Avi is an expert in the development and maintenance of Quality Assurance systems, Reliability and Safety Engineering and Environmental Engineering.