What We Do

To manage the grid you need real-time full grid data. EGM’s Meta-Alert system provides that data. It enables utilities to look deep inside their transmission and distribution networks in real time and manage their grid. Our inexpensive MSU sensors can be applied to provide any desired resolution on any line segment. Our software provides predictive failure and pattern analysis to ensure that system alerts are always meaningful.

EGM’s Meta-Alert system gives grid operators the knowledge they need to safely incorporate renewables and microgrids, Its predictive failure capabilities makes it possible to have pro-active, effective preventative maintenance. And with real time, full grid data, electricity theft can be spotted and eliminated, resistive losses can be reduced and infrastructure utilization can be maximized.

The Team

To sense the grid you need the skills. The EGM team is highly expert in the hardware and software needed for highly accurate sensing, predictive algorithms, robust mesh networking communication, and real-time software.

This multidisciplinary expertise had created the holistic Meta-Alertsystem, the world’s most advanced and comprehensive grid management information system.